Alzheimer’s Disease association study using various biomarkers

GWAS_AD In the elderly population, Alzheimer’s disease(AD) is the main cause of dementia. It is neurodegenerative disorder leading to memory, cognitive and functional impairments and finally to death and is one of the most costly diseases for society.

Since AD has complex etiology and is known to be affected by genetic components, discovery of genetic risk factors are the important to understanding the disease and developing the more effective treatment.

Although the best known genetic risk factor is the mutation in the APOE gene that increase the risk of the disease by multiple times, it does not always increase the risk. There might be large portion of the missing heritability in AD.

Our research goal is to find more genetic factors affecting onset and progression of AD using various kinds of data from genetic markers, other bio-markers such as imaging data(MRI and PET), cerebrospinal fluid(CSF) and neuropsychological assessments.