Kim, J., So, S., Lee, H., Park, J. C., Kim, J.J., and Lee, H. (2013) DigSee: Disease Gene Search Engine with Evidence sentences (version cancer). Nucleic acids research, 41(Web server issue) (IF: 8.026)

DigSee: Disease Gene Search Engine with Evidence sentences (version cancer)..

  • Author : Jeongkyun KimSeongeun So, Heejin Lee, Jong C. Park, Jung-Jae Kim, and Hyunju Lee
  • Published Date : 2013
  • Category : Bioinformatics and Text Mining 
  • Place of publication : Nucleic acids research



Biological events such as gene expression, regulation, phosphorylation, localization, and
protein catabolism play important roles in the development of diseases. Understanding the
association between diseases and genes can be enhanced with the identification of involved
biological events in this association. Although biological knowledge has been accumulated in
several databases and can be accessed through the Web, there is no specialized Web tool yet allowing for a query into the relationship among diseases, genes, and biological events. For this task, we developed DigSee to search Medline abstracts for evidence sentences describing that “genes” are involved in the development of “cancer” through “biological events”. DigSee is available through


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Media covered :   전자신문 (Electronic Times) (2013. 07. 05), 디지털타임스 (Digital Times) (2013.07. 04), 경제투데이 (2013. 07. 05), 뉴스1 (News1) (2013.07.05)

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