Hee-Jin Lee, Tien Cuong Dang, Hyunju Lee, and Jong C. Park (2014) OncoSearch: Cancer Gene Search Engine with Literature Evidence Nucleic Acids Research (9 May 2014) (IF: 8.278).

OncoSearch: Cancer Gene Search Engine with Literature Evidence  Nucleic Acids Research.

  • Author : Heejin Lee, Tien Cuong Dang, Hyunju Lee, and Jong C. Park
  • Published Date : 2014
  • Category : Bioinformatics and Text Mining 
  • Place of publication : Nucleic acids research



In order to identify genes that are involved in oncogenesis and to understand how such genes affect cancers, abnormal gene expressions in cancers are actively studied. For an efficient access to the results of such studies that are reported in biomedical literature, the relevant information is accumulated via text-mining tools and made available through the Web. However, current Web tools are not yet tailored enough to allow queries that specify how a cancer changes along with the change in gene expression level, which is an important piece of information to understand an involved gene’s role in cancer progression or regression. OncoSearch is a Web-based engine that searches Medline abstracts for sentences that mention gene expression changes in cancers, with queries that specify (i) whether a gene expression level is up-regulated or down-regulated, (ii) whether a certain type of cancer progresses or regresses along with such gene expression change and (iii) the expected role of the gene in the cancer. OncoSearch is available through http://oncosearch.biopathway.org

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Media covered :  전자신문 (Electronic Times) (2014. 05. 22) 국제신문 (2014.05. 22)뉴스1 (News1) (2014.05.22)

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